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1.0 Find It

Custom Reports. Our 'FundingSources' Report are unique high-value custom professional reports on the top sources of funding for your organization, supported by a 1-hour expert consultation.

Canadian Government Incentives


Identify the right Canadian federal and provincial grants, tax credits and business incentives for your company or organization. Your Report typically includes 10-30 funding sources for your R&D, project, or growth objective. Interactive. Links to funders. Easily updated.

US Government Incentives


Identify the rich array of US federal and state grants, tax credits and business incentives for your company or organization. Economic development opportunities and incentives are constantly changing in the US. Your 'FundingSources' Report will identify the right funds for your project at this time. Reports are delivered in an interactive HTML format and are securely stored in the cloud.

Capital Markets


Identify the top sources of VC, Angel, Equity, Debt and Venture Debt to support your company's R&D or growth objectives. Each custom Report typically includes 10-30 sources of capital and private financing ranked according to your company's funding objectives. Reports are delivered in an interactive HTML format and are securely stored in the cloud.

Enterprise or Industry Funding


Identify the full range of incentives, foundation funding, or private capital to support activities across your industry, enterprise or region. Deep data on each fund for your sector, region or industry. Link to funders' websites. Interactive HTML format.

2.0 Apply for It

Winning Applications. Fundingportal prepares winning grant applications and investment materials.

Government Funding


We assign the top grant writers to prepare winning applications for your organization and have a success rate of over 90%. Our team of expert grant-writers achieve the best funding outcomes in the industry. Our 15-business day turn-around time enables you to focus on growing your business. Benefit from online workrooms, winning templates and quality control processes.

Capital Markets


We leverage your successes in government funding markets into angel and private capital markets. Fundingportal is an Exempt Market Dealer that will provide your business with the best investment materials on the market. Blow your competition out of the water!



We audit, rank and make recommendations on your materials to improve your outcomes with investors and funders. Government funders report that as many as 80% of applications are rejected for non-compliance – don’t risk it! Order Scorecard to get an expert assessment of your materials and de-risk your application before you submit it to funders.

3.0 Leverage It

Recurring Successes. Leverage your successes into more funding.

Fundcard Network


Post your profile on our high-profile ‘Fundcard’ network to widely showcase your organization and its funding offerings or objectives. Get matched! Fundcard is like Facebook--but for funding markets. Create a profile, build your knoweldge of government funding, and get matched to Issuers, Applicants, Investors, Funders, Dealers and Service Providers. Companies sourcing capital... and capital sourcing companies.

Fundingportal Top 500


How did your company or industry fare? Who got the top 500 awards of government funding this year. Published annually in partnership with the Globe and Mail Report on Business (ROB) Top 1000, TFP Top 500 provides insights into the companies that apply for and win millions in government incentives. Learn how to make this year's list.

Advisory Service


Receive expert advice and training on grant writing from Fundingportal’s top experts. Applying for government funding isn’t only about filling out forms – it’s equally important to have a winning team and presentation that will resonate with funders. Receive expert advice and training on how to create your funding strategy, shape your mandate, write and submit winning applications and materials, and advance your funding objectives into government officials.



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